Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alexandra South's Photoblog

Alexandra is a friend I have that is currently teaching in South Korea.  She is keeping a photo blog of her adventures overseas, and while its always interesting subject matter to me, she is also a fantastic photographer.. Sadly. She uses a Nikon - but I think, we can forgive her for that...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So ... this week, right before i left to go take all of my photos. I ran into Dave and in the space of 5 min, i had a new and completely more advanced understanding of this camera, and all that it can do.
I think the photos look a little bit better with this knowledge. you tell me...

I am going to put the normal thursday blog in with the photos that have (i think) some characteristics that great photos have...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photoshop skillz... they need work..

I took two photos and lightly modified them ...
exposure, vibrancy.. 
these are the before and afters...

Aperture - Iso - Shutter Speeds

Changing Just the Shutter speed..
Low shutter speed

High Shutter Speed

Small aperture

Large Aperture


High ISO

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trail Running #2

So we were instructed to go out and shoot another trail running experience...
I did that, and originally had hoped to attempt to shoot the trailing photos again. But, the light was not right for it and i unfortunately was not able to do that.
But! i did work with framing, I think it will be obvious what photos that was, and overall i felt it was a good experience.

I shot this one and then as i looked at it later realized this is exactly what Dave was talking about distractions from the subject. I put it up here as an example...


Exposure in photography is in regard to the amount of light that reaches the sensor. its hard to expose a photo properly in extreme light situations, you tend to have an over exposed or underexposed photo. You can control the exposure of a camera in many ways, one of which being the shutter speed. the faster the shutter the shorter the sensor will be exposed to light, the less the exposure.  The inverse of this is also true. Another popular way to control the exposure is by turning up the ISO sensitivity. This is a dicey game for the more you do this the lesser and lesser quality your photographs will be.
If you mess up the exposure when shooting, it is possible to fix this by going into a photo editing software to manipulate it, but at this point is significantly more work and its supremely easier to do it right the first time.